Michele Nasti

Hi! I'm a young graduated from Salerno, Italy. I graduated with 110&lode (the highest possible mark in Italy) in Computer Science, a subject that I really love. Since my graduation I'm working in a Java environment for a big business environment, but even if I like it very much and I'm learning a lot of things, my biggest aspiration is to work in a innovative technology context where I can learn even more. Here in Campania it's very difficoult to find technology companies, since there are only big ones that work for the government or for telecommunication companies; for them the priority is to deliver a product that works, that does what was asked to do, with the highest quality possible. This is my objective too, but I am more inclined to find new solutions or simply think different. I think I am different from the mass. My background is complex; my hobbies involve music (playing guitar), trekking, sports (tennis, football), and some technology. For example, I read a lot, and I am studying by myself things like arduino, Ruby on rails, android programming. I know that the 90% of what i'm studying now is not going to be used in Italian companies projects, but who cares. So why you should ask me to join your group? I'm very motivated and wanting to play the game. I'm offering you a highly capable person that will learn fast and will try to suggest new options every time. I'm not experienced but in same factors this can be an advantage. However there is something that you should offer to me: I may be demotivated if the project i'm working on may seem easy or stupid, or if I don't feel I'm learning something new, or if you simply don't treat me with the same respect I treat others. As you can see I am exigent... I hope you are too. NEWS :::: In base al nuovo Decreto Lavoro del governo italiano, posso essere assunto a tempo indeterminato con sgravi fiscali perché vivo da solo da circa un anno.

Michele Nasti
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